About Me

I’m a graduating physics student at Rhodes College. If there is one thing I’ve learned while immersing myself in countless equations and symbols, it’s that they always work together to tell a story– whether it’s something as mundane as why at the same temperature your tile floor feels cool but your sofa warm, or something revolutionary like the expansion of our universe.* Now it’s my job to share those stories with you.

I enjoy crafting these narratives at different levels, so you’ll find that some articles are easier to read than others. Because of this, I tag each article with some indication of how much background it assumes you have in the topic and sometimes write several different pieces on the same subject. Feel free to explore and dig a little deeper!

While I’m a physicist by training, I take a deep interest in all things science-related so I do my best to keep up-to-date on a variety of topics. If there’s a particular area or research paper that interests you, please fill out the suggestions form to the right so I can check it out!

— Eleanor Hook

*In fact, when Einstein first discovered the equations that describe the cosmos, he was dismayed to find that they told him that the universe wasn’t– couldn’t be– static and unchanging. At the time, this was downright heretical and instead of sharing this exciting equation he censored it by adding a “correction term” that canceled the expansion out. Years later, astronomer Edwin Hubble confirmed experimentally that the Universe is, in fact, expanding and Einstein’s original equations were right after all.